Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Joe Fishman

Joe Fishman
December 24, 1930
Chicago, Illinois
May 12, 2013
Goodyear, Arizona

Joe Fishman passed away on May 12, 2013 in Goodyear, Arizona and was born on December 24, 1930 to Hyman and Rose Fishman in Chicago, Illinois. Joey, as he was known by all his family and friends, was a kind and gentle man. He led a selfless life always happy and eager to help anyone in need and was loved by all who knew him.  Joe served our country with great distinction during the Korean War, during his tenure he earned 3 medals.  I am most grateful for the 30+ years of happiness he brought to my mother. I am grateful for our time together. I miss you Joe.

A committal service will be held on Friday June 7th, 2013, at 1:00pm at The National Cemetery of Arizona, located at 23029 North Cave Creek Road in Phoenix.

Please feel free to share your condolences with the family and also your thoughts with friends. Perhaps a short funny moment or cherished time you spent with this loved family member who will sorely be missed and forever remembered.
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  1. This was my little brother. I'll miss him terribly, even though we lived far apart. We shared a lot of memories. One Christmas I took him to Sears in Chicago to buy a gift for our mother. He chose a red babushka (head scarf for our mother and a white one for me. Then I stepped away while he paid for it. He was very proud. When he was in kindergarten his class planted hyacinth bulbs for Mother's Day. When we got home from school, we hid it in a closet, and our mother was surprised that he could keep a secret from Friday to Sunday.

    He was very happy in his marriage to Roberta and I thank her for being so good to my brother.

    His "little sister" Ida Friedman

  2. I am one of Joe's Weiler Deli buddies.We had breakfast together 5 days a week for many years.

    Joe was always upbeat and a lot of fun.Over the years he shared in some of the adversities in his life including the burying of loved ones but always kept his sense of humor.

    He will be missed.
    I will pass this information on to the few breakfast guys I am still in touch with

    Thanku for letting me know.

    Ron Singerman

  3. Goodbye Uncle Joe,
    You were always a kind and gentle spirit. You were Super Joe and Gigilo Joe from Kokomo. Rest in Peace.

    Dear Roberta,
    Thanks for being a great and kind wife for Uncle Joe. He appreciated you so much.

    Love, Mark Friedman

  4. I was fortunate enough to meet uncle Joe at my wedding, 11 years ago. Since then I had more chances in life to see uncle Joe. He was always very kind to me and spoke respectfully. Considering all those ups and downs he had in his life, still with good spirit and attitude he managed to run his family. Uncle Joe always admired his wife, Roberta and they just made a wonderful couple.

    Dear Roberta, thanks for taking care of uncle Joe for years and be there for him when he needed the most.
    May his soul be in peace.

    Love, Mehrnaz Friedman

  5. I remember Uncle Joe as a very playful man, with the ability to overcome obstacles. He was always energetic and fun to be around. Uncle Joe's quote: "A fish always swims upstream", will always be with me. I love you Uncle Joe.

    David H. Fishman

  6. Uncle Joe was a very warm loving person. I felt comfortable with him the first time I met him and felt like he was my own uncle. You will be remembered fondly.

    Donna Fishman

  7. "Super Joe" is what Uncle Joe called himself. Yes, he was "super." I feel very fortunate to have spent time with him these last few years and share family memories. I will miss our visits, but Uncle Joe's kindness and love will always be in my heart.



  8. From the time I was a little girl (his niece), Joe was always kind and gentle to me and to those around him, especially, I remember, my little cousins, his children. Never an unkind word did I hear him say about or to anyone in all the years I knew him ~ an indication of an "advanced soul". May he be in a better place past suffering.
    I thank you, Roberta, for being a loving wife and partner. May you be consoled with the memories of a good man to all he came to know throughout his long life.
    Love, Janet

  9. Joe "the fish" Fishman will be truly missed. He was a great teaser and always made me laugh, especially when he wore the baseball cap with the
    "built-in" long grey braid in the back. Extremely gutsy!!!

    He sang me songs and was always upbeat. He told me he was a letter carrier a long time ago. He was the most innocent womanizer, however, Roberta stole his heart. I loved him like a grandpa. He is in a better place now. XOXOX

    Lauren Walker-Berg (Jeff Berg's wife)