Friday, September 9, 2011

Martha Vallejo Gonzales

August 6, 1965
Phoenix, Arizona
August 29, 2011
Goodyear, Arizona

Martha Vallejo Gonzales, 46, of Avondale, passed away on August 29 at West Valley Hospital in Goodyear. She was born August 6, 1965 in Phoenix, Arizona to Thomas and Maria Perez. Martha had a love for others far beyond which most can understand. She enjoyed giving of her time and effort to assist others in any way that she could. That is probably why one of her favorite times of the year was Christmas. She so looked forward to spending the time with family and sharing good times and good food with friends, loved ones and acquaintances. She loved her grandkids, and tried to show that love in everything that she did. She so wished that she could love each one of them individually, but was afraid, in doing this, she would offend one of the others.

Martha loved to pass the time tinkering with her computer, going to the casino, or sitting at home watching a rerun of “Ghost Whisperer”, everyone knew when this was happening, the house would be silent. Martha also loved the amusement parks and the fast rides, her favorite place being Six Flags Magic Mountain. She dreamed of the next return visit, trying hard to organize it so that all the family could attend together. Of her favorite dining, that she loved the most and was the most simple, was Chick-fil-A. But then again, she always seemed to find time for a tasty Cinnabon and a soda. Martha liked to listen to old school music. Of all the entertaining groups out of back in the day, her favorite was Chaka Khan. She attended Agua Fria High School in Avondale, and was a member of the old neighborhood. Martha’s favorite colors were pink and green, a soft pink that was as soft as her touch, and a deep green, as deep as the forest and as deep as the love for her family.

Martha is preceded in death by her father, Thomas. She is survived by her mother, Maria (Concha); her husband, Lorenzo Gonzales; her children, Joseph and Stephanie; her sisters, Chelo, Chela, Terry, Booboos Nica; her brothers, David, Brujo, Cacahuates, Roy, Thavo; and also 6 grandchildren, Sunshine, Thumper, Andrew, Kimberly, Savian, and Lea.

Visitation will be Tuesday, September 13 from 10:00am-11:00am at Avenidas Funeral Chapel in Avondale. Funeral service will follow the visitation, also at Avenidas Funeral Chapel, starting at 11:00am; with Pastor M. Johnson officiating. Burial will follow the service at Holy Cross Cemetery in Avondale.

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  1. Miss you so much tia.

  2. Nena remember when you fell asleep on me because I wouldn't stop talking, You woke up, " Dang kal kal you talk a lot, look I fell asleep and your still talking." I just liked talking to you because you listened and you always had some kind of

  3. Nana remember when you would always make me those big pretty club houses and youd play with me in them then we would fall asleep. Then id wake up and youd have some goooooooooooood food ready for me to eat.