Monday, September 26, 2011

Joe Angel Alvidrez

March 25, 1995
Phoenix, Arizona
September 11, 2011
Phoenix, Arizona

Joe Angel Alvidrez, 16, of Phoenix, passed away on September 11, 2011. He was born March 25, 1995 in Phoenix. Raised on the Westside, Joe was a true Phoenician and Arizona native. He was a student at Career Success High School, and was currently in his junior year. Joe was looking forward to graduation, because there were so many things he wanted to see and do in his life. He always found it within himself to make time for his friends, and he enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship that they shared. Joe had a great relationship with his family, and looked up to his sister, Briana, and also especially his grandfather, Francisco Gabriel Alvidrez.

Joe is survived by his grandfather, Francisco Gabriel Alvidrez; his sisters, Briana Marie Alvidrez and Patricia V. Alvidrez; his brothers, Gabriel F. Alvidrez and Robert Anthony Lujan; his aunts, Mary Alvidrez, Gabriella Alvidrez, Gloria Vargas; his uncles, Daniel Lopez, Ray Lopez, Michael Alvidrez, David A. Alvidrez, and Ruben Alvarez,; his cousins, Lorain, Able, Cassandra, Jonny, Dana, Mijo, Anita, Daniel, Angelina, Angelica, Ruben, Vanessa, Robert, Angela, Rosemary, Serenity, Valentino, Eddie, Lorena, Jesus, Mariah, and many many more. Joe’s first nephew was born September 18, 2011, and named Jonathan Joe-Angel Alvidrez, in his namesake.

Visitation will be Monday, September 26 from 5:00pm-8:00pm at Avenidas Funeral Chapel in Avondale. His final resting place will be at Resthaven Park Cemetery in Glendale, with service to be held Tuesday, September 27 at 10:30am at the graveside.

Please feel free to share your condolences with the family and also your thoughts with friends. Perhaps a short funny moment or cherished time you spent with this loved family member who will sorely be missed and forever remembered.

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  1. To the family of Joe Alvidrez I am very sorry for the death of your brother. It was a joy to have had Joe in my first grade class, Murphy School District, Jack L. Kuban. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    God Bless you and take care.
    Mr. Carrillo - First Grade Teacher

  2. Hi to Joe Alvidrez family I new joe he was my best friend in freshman year we went to 8th grade t0gether and high school at trevor g browne together im sorry to what happend to Joe when I found out it hurt me real bad I was crying and stuff he was my first friend that I ever lost when a couple of days past by I went to get his name and my name tatted for he can always be with me in my hart please if anything feel free to call me at 6025615376, R.I.P JOE ANGLE ALVIDREZ never be forgotten, youll always be my best friend no one can replaces our friendship
    Love Estefani

    1. and a funny moment joe and me always had together was in freshman year in sience class our teacher would always yell at us because we would talk or draw together especally when we would each brownies in her class, then a sweet moment I would never forget was when I couldnt sleep at all and youll always text me and we would stay up all night texting me when you (joe) would tell me th sweetest thens, then a other funny thing was in 8th grade you (joe) ,cruz and me went to mc'ds with other people and everyone left but us 3 and you and cruz walked me home then you told cruz to go running and he tripped and you and I stared laughting lol remember? well joe i love and miss you wont ever forget our funny memorys together and im proud that i got our names tattooed i love it and i know if your looking down from heaven youll love it to
      Love Estefani