Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clayton Dempsey White

December 23, 1965
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
February 15, 2012
Glendale, Arizona

Clayton Dempsey White, 46, of Glendale, Arizona, passed away February 15, 2012, at his home after complications with diabetes. He was born in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, December 23, 1965. Clayton lived in the Glendale area of Arizona for all of his adult life. He was reared in southern California until he was a pre-teen, and then spent his teenage years in Oxford, Wisconsin until he moved to Arizona when he became an adult.

Clayton was an awesome expert residential home handyman. He loved working with his hands, fixing, mending, and making things good again. He worked on anyone's home that asked. If something needed fixing, remodeling, or just needed to be changed, he was whom you called. He really enjoyed that type of work not only because of the accomplishment rewards of a job well done, but also because of the happiness rewards that comes when you do something for another person. He thrived at fixing your stuff, for you, because he knew that it would make you happy and then the accomplishments were happiness all around. Clayton was always in the "know" when it came to helping others to feel better. He knew just what to say, when to say and especially how to say it, and he gave you no choice but to feel better. Clayton was at his dandiest when he was making you smile, laugh or laugh so hard you would cry. He really knew what it meant to laugh and he knew how to share that laughter. He had a sweet kindness in his heart that just radiated from him and by just being near him you would get some on you. Clayton's "magical charm" came from deep within and it touched everyone and everything that came in contact with it. You could not escape it, and you loved him for it. The most awesome part about Clayton was that he "Believed"! It didn't matter what, who, when, why or how; he "Believed". He knew that if you "Believe", then it "Will”. It was with that belief, that he easily led others to believe, and the great result of that is; is that we all "grew" from his seeds of belief.  Clayton was in his element when he was sharing, whether the food on his plate, the shirt off his back, big smiles and laughter, or simple love and kindness. Clayton knew that when you share, you share with all that you have, that you need to share and you need to share your love, and that happiness is what sharing makes happen. And that is what living and loving life is all about. He will be so tremendously missed by all those in his life path.

Clayton is survived by his daughters; Ashley Marie, age 26 and Dempsey, age 9 his grandchildren, Thai, age 6, Sabra, age 5 and Elvis, age 3.  Clayton even shared the love when it came to his parents; he is survived by two sets; Paulett and Michael Mathewson Sr. in Oxford, Wisconsin, and William and Janice White in Phoenix, Arizona. His brothers are Patrick Eugene, Michael Allen Jr, and Michael. His sisters are Janice, Dee Ann, and Victoria. Sharon and Kemit Farley, part of his extended family that grew because of his heart, also survive him. Clayton also has many nieces and nephews.

Clayton loved to fish at the park near his home; Cortez Park at 35th Avenue and Dunlap, NE corner, behind the Walgreen’s. And it is for our love of Clayton that we will have a Gathering of Friends at "his" park on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 2:00pm. Please come, join us and share in the smiles, love and laughter that Clayton shared with all of us.

Please feel free to share your condolences with the family and also your thoughts with friends. Perhaps a short funny moment or cherished time you spent with this loved family member who will sorely be missed and forever remembered.

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  1. Clayton I Miss You!!!!! This hurts like banana hooyee and it sucks big winders, but I know you are all healed now and in God's care, so it's ok. I also know that you are up there looking over and watching out for us. I had no idea this was gonna be this hard. It really hurts bad Clayton.

    You are the bestest brother a sis could ever have, I would not have wanted it to be any other way. I love you dearly Clayton Dempsey. Stay out of trouble. Come talk with me when you can. Let me know when you are around. I would really, really like that. We can have some coffee and spend the afternoon together. Take care honey and I'll be seein' ya.

    Come be with us on Saturday at 'your' park. We are all gonna be there talking about you. Sharing about how you helped us grow, believe, play, and love. I know I will be seeing you soon, and that helps some of the hurt feel better. I sure do miss you...

    I Love You, Always and Forever

  2. I always called you my "Little big Brother." I might be taller than you, but you will always be my bigger brother. When I stepped out of line, you made sure I stepped right back into line. When I was down and out, you always said, "Sis, dont worry about it. Don't let it bother ya." Then hear comes the most famous words, "Sis, when we going to the casino." That alone alsways made me laugh. Exspecially on how ya said it.

    I will never forget the time we spent together this last summer in the Dells. We made it a day that will forever last. You made that day the best ever. I know how much fun you had when apples were getting thrown at us, and water splashing all over us. But the best part was when you got called up on stage to help this magician do his tricks. You laughed so hard and with that, everyone in the audience joined you. Their was laughter, crying, hooting, howling, and plain old smiles on everones faces. You did that, and that is who you are and always will be.

    You are more than just a friend and a Big brother Clay. Your my ANGEL. And even though your probably looking down at me right now and saying, "Sis, it's alright," and you would wrap your arms aroung me as tight as you could just to let me know. But my dearest brother, I want you to know just how much I love you, cause nothing in this world hurts more knowing that I will not be able to tell you to your face how much I do love you and I won't be able to wrap my arms around you. I will not be able to see you smile or make me laugh so hard that my stomach would hurt.

    You left us to go to a much better place, where there is no pain, nor sorrow. You have the warmth of nothing but love and God's hands that welcome you to eternal life. One day my loving brother, I will see you again; and when I do, the first thing I want to see is your smiling face telling me, "It's ok sis. Let's go to the casino." :) And Clay, we will.

    I love you always my dearest brother

    Your little Sis

  3. Clayton - I have spent this week looking at old photos of you from about 1985 to 1999 and remembering all the good times we shared and no I didn't forget that your missing tooth was my fault, you really should of eaten the cookie. It hurt that you couldn't stay in our life and I know my son missed out on having the best fishing buddy ever. I am overwelmed by how broken hearted I am that you are gone, I will forever keep you in my memories and in my heart until the day I see you again. Say "Hi" to my dad. Love and Miss you...your sister-in-law forever.