Thursday, August 4, 2011

Raul Martinez Nunez

December 23, 1958
San Antonio, Texas
July 20, 2011
Avondale, Arizona

Raul “Rudy” Martinez Nunez, 52, of Avondale, passed away at his home on July 20, 2011. He was born December 23, 1958 in San Antonio, Texas to Jose and Lydia (Martinez) Nunez. Rudy had a passion for doing a variety of different activities, especially with his kids. His most enjoyable being anything involving sports. He enjoyed spending time camping, shooting his weapons, or any type of outdoor pastime. Rudy was a local Arizona type of guy, and he did not venture very far from the State. The reason being is that he did love his home so very much. A true Dallas Cowboys fan, he did enjoy sitting and watching Monday night football if the Cowboys were on the tube. His favorite meal was anything Mexican, if it was Mexican food, he was good with that. Rudy enjoyed spending much time with his favorite son, Rudy. Not that the others were less favorable, he just had a great passion for his young boy. Rudy was very street smart, and was not one that wanted to be looked at the wrong way. He was very protective of his family, and extremely protective of his longtime companion, Hope. A member of the Blueridge Arizona Hot Shots Firefighters, Rudy took great pride in this accomplishment.  On July 20, Rudy’s Lord reached out to him, and told him, “It’s time to come home”.

Rudy is survived by his longtime companion of 22 years, Hope Gonzalez; his daughters, Desiree Gonzalez, Marisela Muñoz, Lila Nuñez, and Tara Lopez; his sons, Michael Nuñez, Daniel Nuñez, David Thomas, Luis Gonzalez, and Rudy Lopez; his sisters, Yolanda Mason, Josie Pappe, and Janie Blockwitz; his brothers, Edward Nuñez, Joe Nuñez, and Freddy Nuñez; and also 5 grandchildren.

Visitation will be Friday, August 5 from 9:00am-11:00am at West Phoenix Baptist Church in Phoenix. Funeral service will follow the visitation also at West Phoenix Baptist Church. A procession to his final resting place, Sunwest Cemetery, will follow the service.

Please feel free to share your condolences with the family and also your thoughts with friends. Perhaps a short funny moment or cherished time you spent with this loved family member who will sorely be missed and forever remembered.

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  1. Im going to miss you so much dad. But i know your up their with nana & tata & nicky boy watching over us. Cant wait for u to see lil jake, but i promise lil jake will know who u where. But i also know that you are no longer in pain & i bet your up there working out lol. No matter whats going on down here your always going to be in our hearts. I love you daddy & miss you so much..

    your lil man

  2. Wish I cud come by n just tell yu about my problems dad! We cud just shoot the wind like we use to. Missing yu a lot more then people know, trying to not let it be seen but dam I miss yu! Wanna go play pool with yu still tell jokes n stuff idk dad I just miss yu man! Love yu with all my heart your SON BOY!!!

  3. Man it's so hard to be strong like you were Dad, I been trying my hardest to be a man and stay strong for the family and mom, I hide my feelings from everybody, I miss you so much, i miss your words of guidance and encouragement so much, I try to be a man and get through everything by myself like I know you would it's the hardest thing, I'm sorry for not taking advantage of every opportunity to be with you, I wish you were here to see me grow up and everything just isn't the same without you because your not here to see all of my accomplishments, well I love and miss you dad I'll never forget you!

  4. Another birthday without you, why did you have to leave me when I needed your guidance the most, I don't even know whether to feel sad or continue to feel mad anymore, people try to tell me your always with me but they don't know they don't understand, your not here with me, I know you would be here if you could, sorry for the pain I put you through, I hope one day you forgive me, I hope one day I forgive myself, sorry I'm such an angry person, I just want one thing more than anything else from you, help mom please, I can't help her and it kills me, she's so lonely and tired, just help her, relieve her pain, Ima fight through my pain, just help her please, sorry don't mean to make you feel guilty and hurt you, I promise I love you and miss you way too much for a kid my size I'm just confused and hurt dad